"What? Who is this Divi? Oh she's alive... ? Oh good."
Last time I wrote here I was living in Miami. As of late August this year, I have officially lived in New York, NY for an entire year. I have not been all over yet and I still feel like such a green horn. Haha what can I say, Miami life style is in my blood and New York is completely different.

Here is where you can find me as of late!


Art Places:

divi @ dA
lovewin @ FA
lovewin @ tumblr (FREQUENTLY UPDATED)
lovewinlife @ tumblr (things I do and things I like)

My Comics:

PetSymph (Completed)
Kickin Rad (Illustrated 2nd half, on hiatus due to writer's stumped)
Carousel (Current as of month ago. Updates Fridays)

I'm am unfortunately not stable job wise and need some help, until i acquire a job that will pay and has actual set work hours! So if you would like to help out please, consider my donation livestream. Where you do get something for something! Here is the details:

donation lovestream

Lots of love to my friends here! Been ages. Sorry for disappearing!


I just have a question!

Deeming that you may know a little about my artwork over the years and style. If you were going to commission me to do let's say traditional or digital.

How much would you pay? Or let's just say how much do you think my work is worth?

I'm trying to get a bit of an opinion, so I can sort my commission pricing out. I've only done one in my life a couple of yrs ago. I've been wanting give it a go again this summer since I'm not working and want to make a little extra cash.

Here's that one commission I did: AA & CJ

And if your curious about anything I've done other than what's posted on deviantart. You can check here at this sketchblog I'm part of Bang Bang Corp.
My name is lovewin over there as well. Unless I managed to change it to Divi.

Oh yeah! I AM ALIVE. I JUST KINDA KILLED MY LJ. As of late I've been just viewing my friends list and commenting here and there. It's not as lively as it used to be a while back but it's cool to keep up with other friends and artists.

Hello There
Oi, its been ages since I last posted here.

Kinda got caught up with work and handling my comic at PS. Work more so really. Things have started to get a bit overwhelming for me and work, paperwork wise.

If you want to hear more work related things...Collapse )

I have also been drawing and doing my best to keep up with the sketchblog at:


I'll actually post a few of the most recent things I did at the end of this post.
My posting is irregular, mostly when i get time to which is weekends, unless I draw alot of digital stuff which requires no scanning or upload terrible looking photos.

I update at twitter a bit more (username: lovewin). Which still isn't often but you know when I can. I refuse to update at dA until I have something nice to post that isn't on the sketch blog. Or maybe i should post those sketches up there? oi but its sooo many.

I want to have a table at Yasumi-con this year. I contacted a friend, to see if she wanted to join me but she never replied. Or maybe she doesn't use that email much anymore. I don't know.
I'll have my buttons from the first year I had a table there. I think i should make some printworthy images and maybe some bookmarks and stuff. Ran into the head of the art tables for the con at a comic book store which was cool and kinda boosted my confidence a bit. I not really confident at all when it comes to my art heh.
Anyway \ugly\ drawings time :P

Drawings over here!Collapse )

Oh if you have any suggestions for con stuff to make lemme know!
My list thus far:
-Prints (5, 4 original-1fan art)
-Mini sketchbook [bangbang stuff and unseen traditional/digi work]
-Munny- Choko version
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Merry Christmas!!

Happy Holidays everyone, I hope your are having a great time with friends and family. And loved ones <3

Everyone is sleeping still but ME lol. I just can't anymore.

Plus, I woke from a dream that first involved me in a place that resembled England, with an unknown friend at a coffee shop. Then zombies appear.. ...Frying pans and metal bats insued. I happened to later on come across Savi, Saint and some other friends houses where they happly got their postcards and such~ yeah some people got extra stuff.

Sadly i know the poscards never happened they are in my room...xD

I dissapoint myself.
I'm a bit teary now thinking about the year and friends and things.

I am happy though

Har har emo, feeling time + artmeme xDCollapse )

Hey Guys~ ♥ I kinda fell of LJ this year~

But im alive. Work is stress as usual! I still draw and I also have my comic :


Over at Petite Symphony! Go check it! Or Vote for it~It updates Tuesdays still. And since my last entry, Ive managed to switch from drawing it digitally completely, to hand drawn/markers and then digi-text. It's kinda amazing~ I didn't think id be able to work it out, but i managed to be able keep at it with the comic! Much thanks to Saint and Emi for having me be a part of the team. Over the year we had lots of people join and they are all pretty cool.

I also acquired a new laptop that lets me pchat and do skype and stuff. But i haven't completely switched over yet. (It's win 7 and I'm an XP kid.) I still need to get certain art programs on here and stuff. And I need one game. Just one. Can you get OpenCanvas to work on WIN7?

All i have is SAI Paint Trial:

SEE!~Collapse )

I'm not really doing much for the holidays but postcards and little gifts! But I'm being terribly slow and late about it! Anyone doing anything fun/ interesting for winter break??


This would actually be my first update for this year.

So much was going on at the begining of the new year with work, I never really got around to posting much of anything on online besides little twitter updates.

This month is the time when the Feds and Head Start come in for observations and such. I'm trying to get what ever is needed to get fixed up in my room taken care of.
A lot has happened work wise but, I don't feel it's neccesary to write a whole lot about it. Things are better now, with all the drama from before.

Also I had been working on designs for shrits for Petite Symphony!! The site created by Saint and Emi just launched a week ago. Along with Emi, I am one of the site artists. We plan to have a lot more merchandise for sale, later on but please do check out the site.

Which reminds me I need to start working on Vv 's and I website some more.
Anyway, gonna end this here.

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:D update

Hey everyone! Christmas is near. It's a little late to be sending Christmas cards put so I decided I would make hand made postcards for new years. If you would like one let me know! Of I sent you a holiday card in the previous years and your address changed let me know too.

I'm going to see if I can't catch up with friends I haven't seen in a while these few weeks.

mistressshinma CONGRATS ON GRADUATION! Let me know of you still want to do that sketch session you mentioned. I'm free, except for on the week after this week Monday. And Christine I'll contact you.

I'll make this entry screened after I send it since this thing doesn't give the option.


mini update two
My aide will show up tomorow or tuesday. :>
The lady that was my aide before, that just up and disappeared wants to come back but alas no openings.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! This year we are going to have an ackee party!  Instead of the usual turkey/ stuffing and such, we are going to have tons of ackee and saltfish plus other dishes :9 This is because we have this huge ackee tree in our backyard so, my mom, thought it would be best to not let it go to waist. She & my grandma cleaned up and prepared the large amount of ackee that was bearing off the tree. We also gave some away to friends and family.

Went to the bookfair this weekend but didnt spend as much time as i would of liked. Got a great deal on (3)  Blood+ mangas when the comic section was closing up but missed out on the UDON booth >: Ah next year I guess.

Augh, Home Visists coming up at work >:
I hope they arent as horrible as the teacher next door makes them seem.

Till next time

Yes! LJ app :) phone keeps getting better...

Haha. I am so grateful for the time off tomorow. ;_; <3

Work has been crazy. The lady I was working with before never showed up again after the week before last. Mind you she was supposed to be permanent. She was obviously upset about cut in pay, since they found out her bachelor's degree was fake and changed her from teacher to T.Aide. Which was also crazy to find out, since she'd been working there for years.

It was a frustrating day today.
The sub that was supposed to work with me never showed up. The new aide i thought would show this week won't show until next week( found out today,after I was so psyched about it too).

WTF MONDAY@PRE K D: [ranting]Collapse )

Long story short. I need an aide soon, because not having one has thrown my kids out of routine and out of whack. At that age they need familliar faces and consistency.
And the 1:10 / 2:20 ratio in the classroom.

I just want to draw, do a cleaning overhaul on my room tomorow.
YAY day off.<3 It's relax time.
Also: I hate complaning but I feel better now after writing about it.

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mini update
Standing in line, voting early.
My feet hurt already. >:B
Field trip tomorrow with my class and Halloween :) !
Have a good one, if you go out and celebrate <3


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